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Quick Data Capture

The ReConnect platform makes the reinsurance process easy and time efficient. Get real-time notifications for events such as negotiations and evidence of cover. Centralized document management, and automated feeds streamline your workflow.

Regulatory Framework

ReConnect is designed to sit within your country’s regulatory framework, ensuring compliance as well as high standards of work.

Streamlined Communication & Workflow

Communicate with brokers and reinsurance experts in real time throughout the world using the contact repository on ReConnect. Collaborate and work with easy tools to develop lead terms and complete reinsurance placements.

Automatically Shortlist Participating Markets & Brokers

The ReConnect platform automates the risk placement process by filtering to the participating markets and brokers with whom a particular risk class can be placed. ReConnect bypasses the hassles of manually determining participating markets and brokers, offering a time efficient solution to accessing the right capacity instantly.

Binding Risks

Once written lines are offered, lines can be signed and bound on the ReConnect platform in real time and providing Contract Certainty.

Closings & Documentation

Being a digital platform, once slip information is in ReConnect and markets are bound, ReConnect can automatically provide all closing documentation that can be shared instantly on the platform and in real time.

Reconciliation Assistance

Avoid balance sheet discrepancies by having a common calculation shared to all account stakeholders in real time.


ReConnect places all your active risks on a simple dashboard allowing you to quickly prioritize your work.

Management Reporting

Understand conversion rates, by line & industry, overall office and/or producer productivity to make more insightful and informed management & strategic decisions with the click of a button.

Security & Redundancy

As a scalable cloud based digital platform, ReConnect is accessible anywhere with power and Internet and housed on Amazon servers with the same internet protocols that secure the banking industry and ISO 90001:2013 certified.

Maintain & enhance your own brand

With ReConnect you can customize your portal to your organisation’s brand and attach any document and format to your submission. Ensuring the personal touch, along with the consistency & high standards associated with Symbo’s ReConnect.

Manage Documents

Share important documents - paper or electronic - reinsurers and brokers. Upload electronic files which can be viewed by all parties that have been included in the negotiations.

Receive Notification

ReConnect automatically sends notifications to the appropriate parties when submissions are created, updated, bound, endorsed or even cancelled.

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High Standards
Customisable to your brand
Reconciliation Support
Payments Management
Regular Notifications
Custom Reports
Customer management
Workflow automation
More confident strategic decisions
Readily Available Disclosures
View Transaction History
Private Notes
Quicker settlement